Ghana is Planning LPG and Electricity Supply to Benin

Published By : 27 Aug 2012 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

John Dramani, the President of Ghana, announced on Thursday that they are working on a project that would retool the energy sector of their country. According to this new project the country will supply substantial electricity and liquefied gas to Benin. The Interior and Home Security Minister, Mr. Benoit Comlan Degla, called President Mahama at the Castle, Osu and this was the place, where he announced this important news. 

Further, the president said that the country will share comparative advantages with its neighbor and this will help them in external and domestic production in order to meet their consumption.

This collaboration will strengthen the political, economic and cultural relationship of these two countries and will help them to grow together. President Mahama added that Ghana and Benin have always enjoyed a good relation and this step will further strengthen their relation in the coming future. President Yayi Boni visited Ghana in the funeral of the late President Mills and President Mahama was thankful to him for his visit. He came to Ghana for the first time when he was the chairman of the African Union.

Mr. Degla praised President Mahama for the rise of his position to office of President and also praised the government of Ghana for their continuous support towards Benin, mainly in the agricultural field. 

In the near future, Ghana may face energy challenges due to rising population and expanding economy. The demand for energy sources such as petroleum fuels, wood fuels and electricity is expected to increase in the near future and so this collaboration will help them to secure their future in a better way. Due to the lack of technological knowhow and production efficiency the energy risk is further multiplied thus widening the imbalance between energy production and supply from indigenous sources.
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