Geothermal Projects in Scotland Receive Significant Funding

Published By : 16 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Around a quarter of million pounds of funding has been given to five projects in Scotland that will be involved with investigating how thermal energy stored in the ground can be used to provide heat to businesses and homes.

These projects will be targeting sites such as West Lothian, Fife, Aberdeenshire, and North Lanarkshire. The projects will explore the economic viability, technical feasibility, and environment sustainability of this alternative energy technology. This funding was made from the Scotland’s Government’s Geothermal Energy Challenge Fund which was supported by the Low Carbon Infrastructure Fund, which is the first strategic intervention that was established under a new European Structural Funds Programme. These projects are the first support for the geothermal projects in this country that are after a 2012 to 2013 study which identified a substantial potential for this alternative energy source as a heat source.

At present, heat is estimated to account for more than 50 per cent of the nation Scotland’s total energy consumption and responsible for around half of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the country.

These projects mark a crucial step taken towards displaying how geothermal energy can aid to cut the recorded £2.6 billion spending a year done on heating by home owners and the non-domestic market sector.

According to the Scotland’s Energy Minster, the mentioned details in the Heat Policy Statement that was published past week stated that the heat contributed to more than half of the nation’s energy use and around half of the country’s greenhouse gas emission so it makes sense to explore and develop technologies like geothermal energy. The Minster further stated that these projects will show to the world how Scotland’s government is aiding the geothermal industry to make most of this largely untapped renewable source and grow a delivery model that cuts down on carbon emissions.
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