GE Healthcare to Invest More than US$1 Billion for Training Healthcare Professionals

Published By : 29 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

GE Healthcare has announced today that it will invest US$1 billion investment over the next five years to develop its educational offerings and reach more than two million healthcare professionals on the global scene by the year 2020. GE Healthcare seeks to help healthcare professionals across the globe in improving healthcare from the core through training programs, and enhanced solutions for radiologists, physicians, technologists, biomedical engineers, nurses, midwives, and beyond. These solutions will be centered at meeting demands of local healthcare needs and will include new product applications, clinical, leadership, and technical training and education. 

Challenges in the innovation and training in the healthcare field are consistent across many healthcare systems in the world, said President and CEO of the company, John Flannery. He added that GE healthcare will continue to work in close collaborations with local governments, healthcare providers, and healthcare institutes to find solution to some of their most important concerns.  For some countries, this will mean enhanced training for midwives in using new portable diagnostic devices or ultrasound equipments. For other countries, this will include the support to multi-hospital networks for enhancing their operational and clinical outcomes. 

As a part of the commitment, GE Healthcare will also continue its work with healthcare providers in building strategic programs to help improve healthcare delivery and bring about an overall change in the healthcare industry.  

General Manager of Global Education Services of GE Healthcare, Mario Lois, said that the company focuses on developing meaningful and relevant healthcare education solutions to help healthcare professionals add more value and positive impact to their long-term service offerings. By combining the company’s heritage in healthcare IT and software, medical technology, and life sciences, the company can provide enhanced insights to best practices and learning modules that can bring about a real difference to the overall healthcare field. 
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