Gaza Doctors Print US$5 Stethoscope

Published By : 24 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A team of hackers and doctors in Gaza have started printing their own 3D stethoscope, as this staple medical device still costs a bomb in the developing world. This stethoscope, which apparently gives a better sound quality than the existing industry models, costs only US$5.

The recent violence in the Gaza strip led doctor Tarek Loubani to put his ear to the chest of his patients due to lack of US$200 stethoscope. However, it was when he chanced upon his nephew’s toy stethoscope that he realized hit had good sound quality. This became the turning point in developing a US$5 stethoscope. 

Gila project, a group led by Loubani has investment three years in prototyping and testing the printed stethoscope. The project is almost reaching completion. The printed head of this 3D stethoscope costs just about 3 cents, and its sound quality is better than Littmann Cardiology 3, a leading stethoscope maker in the industry. With attachments such as an earpiece and tube, the homegrown devices reaches its price of US$5. The only thing missing this medical device for now is the y-piece, which splits the sound in two from the main tube in each ear of the doctor.

The 3D-printed stethoscope is yet to be review by medical authorities. However, Loubani believes it will pass the test. The success of making this device so affordable has made him think of other devices he can think of making differently to bring down the costs. 
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