Gallup Poll Reveals State of Energy Awareness in the U.S.

Published By : 27 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Gallup has come up with a new poll exposing the indifference displayed by American citizens towards energy issues. According to its new poll published today, less than 30% – 28%, to be precise – Americans feel the energy situation in the U.S. is very serious. More worryingly, around 20% of the population thinks the situation is not serious at all. This is a continuation of a conspicuous trend in Gallup poll results over the last decade, with the number of people who think energy issues are not serious at all declining consistently. 2002 was the last time the number fell this low, with just 22% people thinking the energy situation was not serious at all.

The figure had spiked the previous year, with 58% of the population describing the energy situation as very serious. This was helped by the concern caused by the rolling blackouts in California. The highest the figure has gone since 2001 was in 2008, when 46% Americans thought of the energy situation as being very serious. Since the 45% observed in 2011, there has been a steady reduction in the last four years. In the same period, the percentage of the population thinking the energy situation is not serious at all has increased from 7% to 20%.

The drop in these can be attributed fairly reliably to changing opinions among Democrats. 40% Democrats thought of the energy situation as very serious in 2014; the number has dropped by 11% to 29% this year. Meanwhile, Republicans and independents have largely retained their figures from a year ago.
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