Galaxy Note 8: New but Not Fresh

Published By : 06 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 could have been a major step forward for the company, following the battery issues with the Note 7 and the strong platform established by the heavily praised Galaxy S8. However, the phone’s mixed reviews, with many commentators criticizing the phone’s structure as being more of a rehash of Samsung’s existing product lines than an original innovation, could signal a subpar end to 2017 for Samsung.

What’s the Latest Note Like?

Like all Note products, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with the everpresent stylus. The S Pen has undergone simultaneous advancement with the development of the Galaxy product line and now has become a desirable item on its own, and presents the perfect complement to the spec-rich Galaxy Note 8.

The dual camera setup put to work in the Note 8 is a strong ace in Samsung’s pack, following the longstanding tradition of Note smartphones with excellent camera performance. The depth effect produced by the dual lens camera setup brings the Note 8 on par with several other flagship smartphones, but Samsung is unlikely to carry a significant advantage into the coming years, as most 2018 flagships are likely to feature double-lens cameras, which have relatively quickly become the norm in the smartphone industry.

The Note 8 even fails to take advantage of minor chinks in the armors of their rivals, such as the lack of fingerprint identification in Apple’s coming range, with the awkwardly placed fingerprint reader being the subject of complaint from several reviewers. However, for most Android buyers, the Note 8 remains the best they can buy, as despite the imperfections, Samsung’s latest offering remains a relevant brand in the smartphone market.

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