Future U.S. President asked about Energy Policies

Published By : 05 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Republican candidates are currently preparing themselves to attend the first presidential debate that is to happen on Thursday. In the meanwhile, the biggest oil industry trade group in the U.S. has said that it’s time for them to provide more details about their energy policies.

Jack Gerard, the president of the American Petroleum Institute asked the Presidential candidates that if they wish to represent them, they will have to go beyond the talking points and chart up a clear vision for the nation’s energy policies. They should be made in a manner that helps advance the U.S. economy, standard of living, as well as security.

The API will show preference to the candidate that would seek a future of America that is abundant in energy, global leadership, as well as self-determination, according to Gerard. He also added that the candidates are encouraged to start talking about their issues regarding energy policies. Almost two dozen candidates have been declared as serious contenders and he has urged them all to reveal their energy plans.

It is speculated that the primary round of debate will not involve an elaborate discussion of the energy issues, being a two-hour session where only the top 10 polled GOP candidates are allowed to participate.

Gerard also noted that the volume of candidates is too huge to be given ample time for long talks on energy policies, which is less than what he hopes for. He further added that once the number of potential candidates reduces, the energy talk can become more prominent.
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