Full Renewable Energy System can Work for Finland

Published By : 09 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A fully renewable energy system that features all the energy consuming sectors is possible and viable solution for the country Finland, states a new research. The researchers based at LUT (Lappeeranta University of Technology) have investigated in the options for renewable energy systems in the nation till 2050. The results show that a fully renewable energy system is quite possible and can be a competitive solution for the nation if implemented with careful planning.

To achieve the national greenhouse emission reduction target of 2050, all of the sectors of the energy system have to be nearly emission free by end of 2050. The renewable energy system modelling demonstrates that a completely renewable energy system that includes high shares of wind and scalar energy and features smart interaction between heating, cooling, electricity, and mobility sectors.

The power-to-gas technology which converts electricity into gases like hydrogen and other synthetic natural gas along with energy storage solutions like batteries, artificial natural gas store, heat storage, can also feature a central role for technologies enabling.

This research also considers for the first time the cost and the quantity dimension for the future system of energy for the nation. This means that the capacities for each of the production, storage technologies, and consumption were defined. This research study proposes that a technically and economically sound architecture as the first vision for a sustainable future energy system for the country could be later developed to an energy roadmap.

In the study the total yearly costs for going 100% RE systems were around 25 billion euros. These are slightly lower than the scenarios that have lower shares of RE and a business is as the regular scenario.
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