Fuelled by Technology, Smartwatches to Experience many Advanced Features - To Drive Global Market

Published By : 06 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Talk about smartwatches, companies such as Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics, Inc., and Sony Corporation have been leading the mainstream with their new products. When smartwatches were first launched by companies such as Breitling, TAG Heuer, and Bulgari, people discovered the magic of technological advancements. Apple and Android smartwatches are getting better with new features and improvements. Today, many companies manufacturing smartwatches are entering the global market with their latest products. The launch of new products with advanced features has propelled the global smartwatches market. Going forward, people can expect many new smartwatches featuring new features and add-ons. 

The smartwatches enthusiasts always look forward to software updates from the manufacturers. As always, Apple and Google are expected to introduce the most advanced features in their line of products. Technology has made smartwatches faster, attractive, and fashionable. Smartwatches that allow you to monitor your workouts, manage the health, and show timely reminders are in trend. The entry of several new companies has led to the introduction of many options. Companies offering a wide variety of wearable devices are benefiting from the advancements in the technology. 

How will the global smartwatches market shape up in the near future?

Going forward, the manufacturers of smartwatches are expected to concentrate on introducing customized smartwatches. Most of the leading companies are entering the global smartwatches market owing to the opportunities present within. High-end smartwatches will be popular among the fashion-crazy people while low-end smartwatches will continue to attract the average-income people. 

Smartwatches with android wear and iOS will continue to gain more appreciation in the years to come. The entry of new companies will make the global smartwatches market highly competitive. This will, in turn, give way for the new companies to introduce their set of products in the mainstream. 

The growing pool of smartphone users can be credited as the major driver for the global smartwatches market. Considering the rise in internet penetration, changing technologies, customization, and fall in prices, the demand for smartwatches is expected to be high in the years to come. 

However, the leading players have to manage a few factors restricting the growth of the market. Limited battery life and lack of developed application ecosystem can hamper the growth of the global smartwatches market.

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