Frozen Foods Market Undeterred by Recent Quality Concerns

Published By : 10 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Today, there is a multitude of food products that belong in the frozen foods isle in supermarkets. Technology has evolved to such as great extent in the last two decades that foods can be preserved for several years than their original shelf life, if stored in the right way. There are several leading players within the frozen foods market, signaling stiff competition. These companies include Unilever PLC, Birds Eye Foods Inc., Ajinomoto Co., Inc., General Mills, Inc., Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products Inc., Heinz, Nestle, Amy’s Kitchen Inc., The Schwan Food Company, ConAgra Foods Inc., Maple Leaf Foods, Inc., and Kraft Foods Group Inc.

Food Safety and Quality Scandals: Frozen Foods Market Stumbles but Recovers 

For the frozen foods market, all has not been fair weather given the major scandals and consumer complaints that have hit the food and beverages industry over the past couple of years. The overall appeal of frozen foods is one of the key challenges that the market faces. Frozen foods were previously considered to be rather plain and bland in appearance as well as taste when compared to fresh produce and home cooked meals. However, that is rapidly changing given that modern heating and freezing techniques now allow the long term storage of perishable food items without adversely affecting its appeal or taste. 

One of the biggest scandals to have ever hit the food and beverages industry is perhaps Europe’s horsemeat scandal. During the peak of the horsemeat scandal in the United Kingdom in 2013, young’s had to take its frozen lasagna off the shelves. The company is however, planning to reintroduce a product similar to that. Findus Crispy Pancakes was also brought into the spotlight when it had to let go of its iconic product that had a successful run for almost 50 years. The company is planning to follow in Young’s footsteps and launch a similar product soon.

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