Free Open Internet Plan May be Revoked

Published By : 22 Nov 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The 2015 rules ensuring free open Internet rule in the U.S. may now be scrapped. Regulatory agency will vote on 14 December on the plan to revoke the net neutrality rules which was implemented under Obama's Presidency which regarded Internet service providers as public utilities. FCC chairman Ajit Pai appointed by Donald Trump, said that this action will remove heavy handed Internet regulations and give broadband providers a massive power and control over what content shall be accessible to users.

Internet Service Providers to Decide What Content Can be Accessed

This may allow the Internet service providers to favor their own digital content and be partial towards some sites or some apps. While the rules implemented by Obama intended to give consumers equal access to web content strictly ordering the broadband providers against blocking some sites or slowing down access to some particular content or charging users for a particular content, the scrapping of these rules will surely create several issues for the users. Users may now have to pay for accessing certain content, face a lag in accessing some websites, and not be able to access some content at all.

Few Companies to Benefit and Others Not so Much from Revoking 2015 Free Open Internet Rule

Revoking of this rule and implementing the FCC action will prove to be beneficial for big Internet service providers such as Comcast Corp, AT&T Inc, and Verizon Communications Inc. On the other hand, companies such as Netflix, Facebook, alphabet Inc are urging Ajit Pai not to revoke the rules. However, with two democratic commissioners and three Republic commissioners, the FCC is sure to approve the revoke.

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