Frankfurt Airport Commences Construction of Third Terminal

Published By : 06 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a ground-breaking ceremony, construction for a new terminal at Frankfurt airport was announced. Fraport, the operator of the Frankfurt Airport has given a green signal for commencing construction of Terminal 3.

The ceremony received laurels from the Hesse State Premier, who commented that the Frankfurt airport is the heart beat of the economic development in Germany. However, the Environment Minister at Hesse, did not participate in the ceremony because the environmentalist green party of the leader is against the move.

In Germany, local environmental groups have long been in a fight against the construction of a third passenger terminal at Frankfurt, which is the 11th largest airport in the world. The local environmental groups have been supporting their arguments for increased traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution that will pose risk for people living in the area. 

The environmental groups opine that the area is already too noisy and should not be expanded. In oppose the move, activists have set up protest camp in the nearby forest. For the construction of the new terminal, almost 4.5 hectares of woodland is slated to be cleared which will make way for added access to the freeway.

For the move pertaining to construction of the new terminal at Frankfurt Airport history seems to be repeating, opposition in Germany were less forceful in comparison to the fierce protests that were conducted by environmentalists and residents against the new runway that was construction in the 1980s. Like the current protest, the protest that time was also regarding noise and pollution.

The operator of the Frankfurt Airport, Fraport affirms that the project which is estimated to cost multi-billion euro has to be executed on priority to meet the future demand. The new terminal which will constructed at the south end of the airport – which were premises of the major US airbase that closed operations in 2005 at Frankfurt airport

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