Fossil Fuels Use will Continue, despite the Steady Growth of Renewables

Published By : 23 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Three arguments have been advanced in the past few years by the environmental movement. The first one is that soon we will be running out of fossil fuels. Secondly, the alternative sources for energy will be priced out of the marketplace. Finally, we cannot afford the consequences of climate burning them.

Now days, there is not one of the three arguments which is looking very healthy. However, a more realistic assessment of energy resources and environmental situation suggests that for many years to come we will be relying on the use of fossil fuel overwhelmingly which has contributed quite dramatically to the world’s prosperity and its progress.

During 2012 there was around 87 per cent of the energy consumed in the world came from fossil fuel. However, this figure remains quite unchanged in the past decade. It roughly is divided into three categories, which are of oil that is used for transportation purposes, secondly gas which is used for hating, and thirdly coal that is used to produce electricity.

During this period, the overall volume of the consumption of fossil fuel has grown dramatically, with an overall encouraging environmental trend. The diminishing amount of the carbon dioxide emission or greenhouse emission per unit of energy produced is the most encouraging environmental trend pushing towards the use of alternative energy resources. However, the biggest contributions to de-carbonizing the environment has been the switch to lower carbon gas from high carbon coal for electricity generation.

Globally, renewable energy sources such have contributed hardly to decrease the carbon emission and their modest growth has only made up for a decline in the fortunes observed of the nuclear energy of zero carbon.
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