Food Scandals Driving Chinas Youth towards Organic Products

Published By : 02 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With food safety scandals hitting the food and beverages industry in China, organic food has become the new trend among the urban crowd. The younger crowd has decided to switch eating patterns and look for alternative and healthy options to purchase fresh meat and produce. Currently, an insignificant 1.01% of the total consumption of food is formed by organic foods. But then again, this figure has increased three fold from 2007, where organic foods accounted for a mere 0.36% of the total food consumption. This data has been revealed by an organic trade fair Biofach.

The food industry in China has been rocked by multiple high-profile scandals over a span of seven years, largely contributing towards the shift towards organic food. At the dawn of the New Year, Biofach projects that the organic food market in China is most likely to form 2% of the total food industry this year. 

Food Sentry, an American food consulting firm, ranked China among the worst food safety-violation offenders in the world. the Huangpu river in Shanghai, which is considered to be the city’s major source of drinking water, was in the news in 2013 when 3,000 pig carcasses were found floating in the water. Soon after, it was reported that fox and rat meat was being sold as lamb by a Beijing crime ring. Spurring international rage, over 900 people were arrested in the case.

The shift towards organic food will be greatly supported by government officials promoting nutrition and environment as key priorities.
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