Food safety outrage in China

Published By : 21 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Two popular fast food eating joints KFC and McDonald’s in China are facing issues with their food safety standards, after a television station of Shanghai reported that these outlets were using stale meat in their food items. 

Husi Food Co., Ltd., KFC and McDonald’s meat supplying company has evidently been repackaging stale chicken and beef and sticking false dates of expiry on the packages. And these have been supplied to Pizza Hut also besides KFC and McDonald’s. 

The biggest and widespread chain of restaurants is that of KFC’s with almost 5000 outlets all across China. In December 2013, there was report which stated that KFC was not following the norms on the use of drugs in chickens. As a result, KFC’s sales dipped to 37% in the next month. As a measure of precaution, KFC did away with more than 1000 small poultry suppliers from its supply network. McDonald’s has always maintained that they ensure high and safe food quality and abide by the laws on consumer safety.

The food safety scare in China has affected the public’s faith and confidence in the fast food chains, food suppliers and dairies. However, when people in China were informed about the meat quality issue, many were concerned on the one hand and many on the other hand were not affected at all. 

After the allegations, these fast food outlets are conducting investigations independently for further clarity. There have been product scandals in the past in China wherein infants and patients died due to low quality and adulterated drugs and products.
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