Food Pyramid Revamped as New Healthy Foods get Added

Published By : 18 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The iconic Pyramid of Healthy Eating has been revamped finally in nearly twenty years with the sugary and junk foods being completely banned and are now being replace with several healthy fats and other healthy foods such as quinoa and tofu.

This new pyramid will not be promoting even a bit of junk food. Currently, the food pyramid is feature foods such as soba noodles, legumes, tofu, soy milk. These foods have never before found a place in the three layered food pyramid.

The chief executive at Nutrition Australia stated that these whole grain foods have been clubbed to ensure foods such as soba noodles and quinoa have been included. And the section of dairy includes foods such as soy milk along with foods which are fortified in calcium which are the daily alternatives to milk.

These changes are as a result of the increasing weight of the Australian population which classified around 65 per cent age 18 populations in the county as obese or overweight and around 25 per cent of this population was considered as severely obese.

The three tiered food pyramid has given space for five specific food sections. And with plant based foods these are taking up the largest amount of space. On the other hand, fruit, legumes and vegetables have been focused in the bottom layer. 

Furthermore, the pyramid also encourages people to cut down on their sugar intake and substitute it with healthy herbs and spices and consumer more water. Grains foods and moderate portion of protein and dairy foods such as nuts, poultry, fish, seeds, and legumes follow along with the top and the smallest layer.
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