Food Menu of Carowinds Got a Redecoration

Published By : 21 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Carowinds is introducing itself into the food industry. The amusement park famous for rides such as the Intimidator and the Vortex, Carowinds, has added an array of new carte du jour to its register of attractions.

Siuta brings almost 3 decades of cooking experience. The experienced chef joined the Carowinds team in previous September and has been working industriously to not only construct a culinary team, but to assemble an entirely new food menu for the park.

Well, not wholly new. You can still order your chicken tenders and pizza, and funnel cake, but now you can get a whole lot more, too. Such as red velvet funnel cake, or the peaches and cream funnel cake, or even the flatbread pizza. Siuta and his team have revamped their crust recipe to create the novel offerings.

The new menu spans around forty items, from the basic to the more elaborate and the healthy to the decadent. The Carowinds now provides pork ribs, brisket, and turkey legs. And the new salad station is for healthier options such as Greek salad, raspberry couscous salad, and Mexican Fiesta.

The move is to rebrand the park, according to Siuta. Till now, the park attendance was pretty good, but people were seen exiting the park to eat food. In the first 2 weeks of the recent season, the first with the new menu items, food sales have developed by record numbers, Siuta states.
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