Focus on Finance could Prove Detrimental for Healthcare

Published By : 21 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

By focusing mainly on finance could prove to be harmful for the survival of health care systems in the long run, states a study that has been published by Value in Health. The Bocconi University researchers in Milan, Italy are urging policy makers across the globe to take into account political as well as social sustainability when developing universal health care systems.

The work presented by the researchers as published in Value in Health has been chosen to be given the Atlas award. The selection was made by an international scientific committee. Professor Michael Drummond, co editor of Value in Health commented on the research, saying, “Health care systems need to be not only cost effective but they also need to be diverse, equitable, interconnected, and democratic. Apart from this, the health care systems need a certain degree of political will in order to be able to sustain a key policy change in health care.” Michael Drummond further stated that the journal Value in Healthcare was more than happy to publish the paper. The paper was part of a special edition that was titled Sustainability of Universal Health Coverage: Five Continents, Four Perspectives.

Regardless of how much money people have, universal health care aims to serve people by granting them equal access to health care. This is a person’s human right, the authors of the study say, and governments across the world need to move away from finance in order to provide that. 

Professor Elio Borgonovi from Bocconi University in Milan in Italy is the lead author of the study. According to him, discussions on universal health care have until now emphasized on economic sustainability. This was mainly because policy makers are worried about where the money is going to come from to pay for health care.
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