Flurry Acquired by Yahoo to Boost Advertisement Revenue

Published By : 22 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

App analytics firm Flurry has been acquired by Yahoo with a view to generate greater revenue from the sale of smart phones. App analytics firms aim at helping app developers to analyze data pertaining to the users and provide highly personalized advertisements to them. 

Yahoo’s several competitors have also taken over app analytics firms with the purpose of attracting more marketers to their apps. 

One of Yahoo’s major acquisitions has been Flurry with the former having paid the latter an amount between USD 200 million and USD 300 million, as the exact figure was not disclosed. 

Soon after Yahoo reported a fall in its profit by 18%, it announced the acquisition deal. The main reason for the decline in profits was a major decrease in digital display advertising. 

The biggest advantage for Flurry would be that it can have access to the right and suitable resources to accelerate the efficiency of app developers to create better apps, reach the right consumers and discover better revenue generating opportunities.

There are more than 170,000 developers working at Flurry who extract data from 150 billion app sessions per month with a view to provide information on audiences, performance and app usage to app publishers.

There has been a major boost in the demand for smart phones in recent years and greater numbers of people are opting for handheld devices rather than desktop computers to access the internet. This has enabled internet firms like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo to develop revenue enhancing strategies from mobile devices.

In early 2014, LiveRail, a start-up working on the same lines as Flurry was acquired by Facebook for an amount between USD 400 million and USD 500 million.
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