Florida Healthcare Department Recruits Military Veterans

Published By : 09 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Florida is home to more than third of military population in the United States. Owing to facilities available in state, Florida has always attracted military veterans who seek to live in a comfortable tropical countryside after their retirements. To aid the military veterans and to ensure that they remain economically independent, the Department of Health in Florida has designed programs which will enable the veterans to find a suitable job profile in health-related fields. 

Speaking about the latest decision taken by the healthcare industry in the state, secretary at Health Dr. John Armstrong and Surgeon General of the State said that these military veterans who previously was served in the country’s armed forces has skills and values which will make them model employees in the healthcare sector of the state. The healthcare industry has committed this before, in front of the Florida legislature and Governor Rick Scott and now they are only fulfilling their commitment of recruiting military veterans to the Sunshine State.

The department, according to reports, will offer licenses to these veterans as healthcare practitioners under the VALOR (Veterans Application for Licensure Online Response) system. Since the advent of this program, Florida healthcare department has already given licenses to 100 veterans through the VALOR system. A majority of these licenses were processed within a week of application. However, to offer promptness in service, the system did not compromise with their quality standards. Hence, the military veterans enjoyed getting their respective licenses, while the officials supervising the VALOR system ensured that high quality standards were adhered with. 

Florida has plentiful healthcare jobs among which nursing position was the most demanded profile. 
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