Fitness Trackers to Gain Demand but Smartwatches to Dominate Global Wearable Devices Market

Published By : 22 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The new fitness trackers have become popular among people who wish to monitor their fitness activities and track their health. Among all available fitness trackers, the activity trackers have gained the maximum demand in recent past. Featured with new fitness tracking abilities, fitness trackers are currently giving a tough competition to the smartwatches. However, smartwatches from global giants such as Android and Apple are getting better to dominate fitness trackers. 

For instance, the new smartwatches from Apple promises a single-button 911 call and faster launch of apps. The new Apple watch featured with OS 3 software launches the app and leads relevant data automatically. The upcoming Apple smartwatches will feature easy navigation and enhanced voice messaging. Features such as GPS tracking and longer battery life ranks the Apple’s smartwatches ahead of many other products. Tracking your weight training programs will soon be possible on the Android smartwatches, thus competing traditional fitness trackers. 

The introduction of new smartwatches with high-tech features make them more popular than the fitness trackers. The smartwatches market is one of the fastest growing markets in the global wearable devices market. Although fitness tracking wearable devices are rising in popularity, smartwatches are expected to gain a higher traction, indicating room for growth in the near future. 

The increasing demand for smartwatches is expected to motivate leading manufacturers to introduce new varieties in the global market. The increasing use of smartwatches as GPS devices is expected to bolster the global market. 

What about the price range of smartwatches?

High-end, medium-range, and low-priced smartwatches are available in the global market. In recent past, people have shown more ability to spend money for fulfilling their changing fashion trends. Since their introduction, smartwatches have become one of the fashion accessories for many. Going forward, the high-end smartwatches segment is expected to register the strongest growth, especially in the developed nations. 

Currently, key players offering high-end smartwatches are dominating the global market with their new range of products. However, advancements in the research and development activities and growing commercialization will create more demand for mid-range smartwatches. With this, the global smartwatches market will continue to maintain its dominance in the global wearable technology market. 

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