Firefighters were the Main Casualties in Tianjins Explosion

Published By : 10 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The explosions that affected China’s northeast port city called Tianjin, were drastically deadly as the first responders were totally unaware about the chemicals that they were dealing with while ceasing the fire. 

Among the 100 people that were killed in the blast, about more than half of them were firefighters. This was reported by one firefighter that walked among the damaged vehicles as the smoke went up amid the shipping containers during the explosion in China, Auguts 14, 2015. 

At the incident site, the first responders approached to address the fire and had a combat with the flames through water. However, the water worsened all the things due to the chemicals present at the warehouse. They were combustible and led to even bigger explosion. 

This incident was similar to the 2013 West, Texas fertilizer explosion. A report found that firefighters were not prepared to cease the fire and they would have been better off evacuating the area. The main root cause of the fire is however unknown to all. It is assumed that the chemical compound ammonium nitrate stacked in the warehouse is the main reason for the explosion.   

According to a chemical hygiene officer at Keene State College, the U.S. department is responsible for understanding the nature of the chemicals and many other hazardous materials. They are in charge of planning an approach towards the leak and explosion and understanding how much of a substance is available in space. In case if a combustible chemical is likely to be added, the plan shall be revised accordingly. 

Another major problem with tracking and understanding the hazardous chemicals is writing down the list of chemicals they have in their warehouses or factories called Material Safety Data Sheets. In case of fire, the papers would be near the blaze and there wouldn’t be a chance of communication regarding the nature of the chemicals they’re dealing with. 

The main reason of people’s death in Tianjin is the water reaction with chemicals in the plant that caused a bigger explosion. 

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