Financial services sector to raise headcounts

Published By : 24 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As the developed markets are gaining momentum, CEOs of financial services across the globe are intent on recruiting up to 5% in this year. This new comes after a report published by PwC on studying the growth of the global economy.

The financial services sector plans to recruit employees from diverse backgrounds such as from the government, gamers, those from the Internet and social media world, and social media experts.

About 56% of these CEOs plan to take up extra staff this year.

The report states that insurance industry is quite bullish in this regards with an intention of 40% companies looking to add to their workforce by more than 5%, while on 30% from the banking sectors and asset managers share this sentiment.

Game designers will especially be a sought after lot as most the financial services providers want to improvise on their digital interactivity, appeal, and engagement. Many companies are also willing to take on board a number of ex-hackers to prevent cyber crimes and attacks, which remains the biggest threat to this sector.

The hiring from government sector seems imperative for financial services at the moment as they are extremely important to make government connections and investor relationships.

The report states, that the financial services are purely focusing on re-connecting with the society, building their reputation and with the stakeholders.
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