Federal Climate Change Report Awaits Approval by Trump

Published By : 08 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Trump Administration has faced many questions ever since its inception, ranging from political to economical and everything in between. The administration’s stance on environmental issues is likely to be tested in the coming weeks. A sweeping federal report on climate change has pointed the finger to human activities more firmly than any climate change report previously released. This has the potential to cause problems with the Trump administration, whose approval the participating federal agencies need before releasing the figures to the public. President Trump has taken a strongly pro-industry approach to his presidency, leading to numerous complaints about the President regarding the impact of his policies on climate change. His reaction to the federal report could go a long way in deciding his public appeal.

What do the numbers say?

The average temperatures in the U.S. have been on a steady upward climb since the 1980s and are showing no signs of dropping off. The last two decades were recorded as the hottest of the last 1500 years. Major events such as the 2003 European heat wave and the peak heat numbers in Australia in 2013 have been closely linked with human activities, according to the report. Human activities are also claimed to have contributed to the fall in the number of cold waves and a corresponding increase in heat waves across the world in recent years. The report goes so far as attributing more than half of the total rise in average temperature since 1950 to human activities.

Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris Agreement earlier this year has prompted widespread concern about the kind of carbon footprint the Trump administration wants to leave behind. Following Barack Obama’s imperfect but well-intentioned environmental conservation efforts, Donald Trump has big boots to fill.

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