FDA warns about using drugs by Compounding Pharmacy, especially on Sovaldi

Published By : 23 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Food and Drug Administration has passed its third warning in 15 months against the use of certain drugs produced by a Dallas compounder. FDA objects to the drugs manufactured by Recalcitrant Compounding Pharmacy because the medicines may be contaminated and may pose threat to the healthcare consumers and providers. The current tussle between the NuVision Pharmacy and the agency highlights the difficulties of pharmaceutical supply chain regardless of the law passed to reinforce safety (Silverman, 7/21).

On the other hand, criticism and praise continues on new and expensive hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, reported the Wall Street Journal’s Pharmalot.  

The hepatitis drugs could cost $300 in addition to every American’s annual premium amount, said The San Francisco Chronicle, CVS.

In addition, the new hepatitis C drug by Gilead Sciences’ receives acknowledgement for its ability to heal, whereas, the criticism of its price amounts to $84,000 for 12 week duration. 

Various journals in the pharmaceutical industry have witnessed parallel storylines as popular and prominent latest editions that were published over the weekend. One of the journal publication known as the Journal of the American Medical Association stated complaints from nation’s biggest pharmacy managers regarding the price of the new hepatitis C drugs, including the Sovaldi that adds cost to as much as $300 annually in every American’s Health insurance premium. This would continue over the next five years (LEE, 7/21). On the other hand, in the same publication, hepatitis C, HIV, Sovaldi, as well as other mediation ribavirin with which it must be consumed – were all found to heal patients suffering from both HIV and hepatitis C.
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