Facebook’s spending On Cloud to Beat Amazon’s

Published By : 10 Aug 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The advent of cloud technology has proved to be a game changer in most of the industrial giants. All the major players in the market are siphoning a hefty amount of their profit behind the cloud data centers. At the end of the earning season, there were big differences in the spending witnessed by the cloud and internet giants.

Amazon.com is reported to have purchases of equipment and property acquired under capital leases which is promoted in major part by Amazon Web Services, recently fell 14% annually to US$2.34 bn. For the 12 months, spending like this has totaled around US$9.63 bn, which is 20% rise from the previous 12 months.

Facebook’s data center capex growth is considerably different from that of Amazon. The social media giant’s spending touched 140% in second quarter to US$3.46 bn. On the basis of this result, facebook targeted to double their spending which is near around US$15 bn in 2018. Last year, facebook spent almost US$6.73 bn for data center capex.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google is known to have a pretty high capex growth rate. In the first six months of 2018, Alphabet purchased equipment and property rose 139% to US$12.78 bn.

Microsoft is reported to be falling in somewhere between. Microsoft’s capex rose 24% yearly in the June quarter to US$4.1bn. The company’s total purchases for the fiscal year of 2018 rose at 43% toUS$11.63 bn. The analyst are anticipating the capex growth of Microsoft to grow at 20% to nearly US$14 bn.

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