Facebook’s Shout out for a more Empathy Centered Security Industry

Published By : 16 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The security industry is one of the most intensely growing industries in the world with the number of cyber-attacks and focus on cyber-security increasing across the globe. The security boss of Facebook recently put forward his take on making the security industry more people centric. Alex Stamos, the security head of Facebook reproached the security industry on a very strict note. He opened his speech on this keynote at the 2017 Black Hat Conference. He stated that the focus was too much on the technically complicated stunt hacks and the security industry was not focusing enough on the exploring ways on helping people to stay safe online. He further added that the problem would gain traction if the industry did not become versatile and reflect more empathy.

Hacking and Spying

Stamos said that the current status of the security industry is basically looking for problems without actually focusing on fixing the actual issues. The attention was too much on the complexity of thins and not the actual harm that could happen. He further cited examples of presentations that were technically brilliant at the respective show such as hacking of insulin pumps that had very little relation to the actual issues that are faced by people who employ technology rather than understand it properly or work with it.

He also put focus on the various cyber-attacks that had taken place recently such as Ransomware which is still a principal threat to the industry, Ukraine might still be prone to cyber-attacks, and other hacking probable incidents that might take place in the future. 

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