Facebook to Launch New Labeling and Archive System along with Instagram

Published By : 25 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Facebook said today that it will not close down its political ads as they lead towards favoring people without resources to purchase expensive TV ads. Instead the company will now be launching a ‘paid for by’ labels dealing with political and issue ads on Facebook and Instagram in the United States.

More Information about Facebook’s Political Archive

The archive will be made publicly searchable and will include all politics-based ads that operate in the United States. The announcement of the archive was made earlier, but now will soon be launched. The ads include those run by news publishers as well as others that promote articles with political content.

However, the labelling will not only be applicable to candidates and election ads, but also will deal with issues such as guns, foreign policies, abortion, immigration, and others. Users can click through the labels that appear at the top of the News Feed ads. After clicking on the labels, users will reach the archive. This archive will not be backdated, and will include only ads from May 2018 and thereafter.

The archive will keep the ads for about 7 years, so that the other users can search for them by inputting the keyword and or the page that played it. The ad will display its budget, the number who saw it, data of their age, gender, and location. An advertiser who wants to run his/her political ads is needed to go through Facebook’s authorization process. This process makes it compulsory for the users to reveal their identity and location.

Advertisers will only get about a week’s grace time period, after which the unauthorized ads will be paused. The tech and social media giant will monitor political ads along with artificial intelligence thrown into the system. In this way, at least 3000 to 4000 new ad viewers will be formed as a part of amazing newly hired team of advertisers and reviewers.

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