Facebook to Launch Lasso, a Musical App That Imitates Tiktok

Published By : 25 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

American social media giant, Facebook, Inc., is reported to have started working on a new musical app. The company which has 2.23 bn active users in 2018, has recently acclaimed a crucial label musical license. The company has seen the instant success of musical.ly which later named TikTok. Massive youth population were drawn to this app. The app provided entertainment for their users, as the numbers of active users rose to 300 million in 2016.

Facebook, which recently faced a backlash after a controversy encompassing data leak of millions of users. The company’s stock suffered and numerous users deleted account. In order to engage its current users and to compel new users, Facebook is trying to clone TikTok app. The company is naming the musical app Lasso, where the users are able to record videos of them lip synching on various platforms. The app can also is known to capture the feature of dancing to popular songs from TikTok app. These information were gathered from former and current Facebook employees.

Lasso app is likely to be the only competitor to TikTok. Musically was taken over by ByteDance, a Chinese tech giant, at an expense of US$1 bn. After acquiring, the name was changed to TikTok. According to sources, the app is being built by Video and Watch team of Facebook, and is handled by Brady Voss, who is the principal product designer.

However, Facebook which only engages 5% of US teens is likely to suffer with this app, as TikTok have already climbed to No. 5 in the overall app for iOS in the region.

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