Facebook Researchers Develop AI Application to Unblink Eyes in Photos

Published By : 27 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

We all have been through that regret when a perfect photo is snapped but eyes blinked at the wrong time due to the flash of the camera or some other obstacle. Now, two Facebook researchers have come up with an artificial intelligence (AI) application that can open eyes that seem closed in a picture. Cristian Canton Ferrer and Brian Dolhansky revealed the progress via their FB portal.

Facebook is the leader among all social media platforms and millions of pictures are uploaded by its users on a daily basis. To make it easier for the users to savor their great clicks, Facebook engineers are developing a photo editing software that can open the blinked eyes. A huge set of photo data had been used by the deep learning network in order to paint fresh eyes at the targeted locations.

It must be noted that a number of previous researchers have ventured into the same field with very few desired results. But now, the technology termed as Eye in-painting with Exemplar Generative Adversarial Networks, is aspiring to paint and overlap the parts of the existing image from fresh material in order to achieve desired result.

So far, the researchers confirm that there have been significant success as a good percentage of pictures that were subjected to the technology came out with improved results, much better than any other method previous tried. However, poor coloring of eyes and misshapen did return some glitches. Most times, this was a result of poor quality of the pictures, bad angles, and obstructions from objects.

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