Facebook and IBM Join Hands for People-Based Marketing

Published By : 07 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

IBM Commerce and Facebook announce that they will work together to provide assistance to the stigma with customized marketing capacities to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. The marketing cloud clients of IBM can now use the publicizing capacity of Facebook such as custom consultations, alongside analytics and design feature of speech of IBM that is expected to create significant experience for their customers over applications, tools, and fourth dimension. 

Using new Journey designer of IBM, brands can prepare personalized customer experiences across all mesh touch points and then use the Journey designer to profit an understanding, at an aggregate level, of how client responded. By combining advertising engineering science of Facebook with Journey Analytics of IBM, brands can determine with more accuracy which radical of client are between the 1.44 billion people active agent on Facebook and establish correlations collectively between their interactions and interests across various channels.

These insights can then be initiated through the Journey designer solution of IBM, guiding brands to provide more convincing message on Facebook and other medium. IBM also announces that Facebook will be the first company to join the new IBM Commerce THINKLab, a research and quislingism surround in which caller will work directly with brands to accelerate ontogeny of new technologies designed to personalize customer experiences. 

Facebook expert, IBM researchers, designers, knowledge domain experts, and other mate will be available to work alongside with clients to identify specific areas of need and generate new solutions. IBM will utilize in-depth analytics over anonymized and aggregate audience insights of Facebook with the additional data from marketing cloud of IBM so the marketers have a much clean picture of their target subscribers.
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