Expansion of Manufacturing Business on the South Coast to Create New Jobs

Published By : 23 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the latest reports, the expansion of manufacturing business in South Coast is expected to create more than a dozen jobs in the region. 

The multi-million dollar company NowChem or Nowra Chemicals has won a state government grant to build a facility for pharmaceutical products following which the company is expecting to create at least a dozen job opportunities. The company presently has 60 employees working in its facility. According to John Lamont, the Managing Director of NowChem, the proposed Center for Therapeutic Cell Filling is expected to make their operations more efficient. 

The project will allow the company to have dedicated areas for filling pharmaceutical products and manufacturing them respectively. Currently, both the process stages are being taken care from the same room. 

The current program is expected to bring an exponential growth for the company. According to sources, the commencement of operations under the program will increase NowChem’s capacity by at least 35%. This will empower the company to carry out both the functions of filling and manufacturing simultaneously and more efficiently. Mr. Lamont stated that at least 10 jobs will be created by the venture apart from creating additional jobs at the time of construction. 

At the initial stage, seven to eight trades’ people will work on the site. This would continue over the next four months of expansion. Mr. John Barilaro, the Minister for Small Businesses in NSW said that the expansion of operations of NowChem will prove to be an important investment for the region and will give an impetus to the high value manufacturing. Mr. Barilaro sees the business as a manifestation of the role played by the government in terms of capitalizing on investment and growth opportunities. Endeavors such as this will continue to create more jobs across the region of New South Wales, Mr. Barilaro added.  
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