Exclusive 3-D Printer Produces Safer and Environmentally Friendly Energetic Materials

Published By : 11 Dec 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A group of researchers in Purdue University have designed a method of making energetic materials faster, cheaper, and safer and environmentally friendly. They have done through the invention of 3-D printing. The energetic materials including pyrotechnics, propellants, and also solid rocket fuels are manufactured by a process of allowing the 3-D printer to generate some viscous materials. Those have consistency like clay.

The process offers the researchers to deposit the energetic materials safely, also with a huge accuracy which helps to prevent voids. In the matter of energetic materials, voids lead to burns. Apart from the meticulous flow control, the method also allows the heavy viscous materials to be pushed out by lowering the constant friction on the nozzle walls. Causing of high-amplitude vibrations into the nozzle makes the 3-D printers exceptional from those typical printers. Though, the method is primarily focused on producing energetic materials, but it’s also exploring technology, biomedical implants, drugs etc.

3-D printer Profits Many Industries in terms of Time, Expense and Safety 

This exceptional printer doesn’t depend on lower viscous solvents. That results the faster, environmentally friendly and lower costs outcome as the processes don’t need a ton of solvents. The printer can be used remotely to automatically and safely make energetic materials without involving any person. This printer is a milestone for those industries which are making slow progression in terms of change. It’s a solution in saving money and time where already qualified materials are being used instead of waiting for the approval from Defense and Energy.

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