Exciting Updates from Facebook on its 1st day of F8 Conference

Published By : 02 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Facebook has its F8 conference going on, and day 1 at this event witnessed the social media giant making some big announcements. These updates are expected to bring in an extensive evolution in working of the social media platform. Read more about the updates below:

New Dating App

One of the most important updates from Facebook involves a dating app with new features than the competing ones. The app will be tested later in this year, and will enable users to create a profile that is visible only to others who are non-friends. This is being done to make match-making more relevant, in order to provide higher accuracy.

Clear History Privacy Feature

This is a new privacy feature that allows users to delete Facebook data that has been collected from external sites, apps, and other programs such as ads and analytic tools. In this way, users can scrub some of their browsing history from Facebook’s own data store. According to Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, this process is very similar to the action that involves deleting cookies from a browser history.

New Anti-bullying and Video Chat Features

Facebook, which own Instagram now, is coming up a video chat feature, which is expected to increase the platform’s lucrativeness. The app will also get a new filter that can protect users from comments intended for bullying or verbally harassing said by others.

App Review Process will be Re-opened

Facebook will be re-opening its app review process after a brief hiatus following the Cambridge Analytica crisis. This is certainly expected to be a highly welcoming news for developers.

Facebook Messenger to Get a New Appearance

This in built app will sport a new look by incorporating Facebook’s M Suggestions assistant. Messenger will get this appearance with crystal clear clarity by mainly by improving its core utility chat feature.

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