Even After 100 Years, Diamond Manufacturing is the Largest Metal Perforators in North America

Published By : 25 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It’s been a 100 years since Diamond Manufacturing began its operations of perforating heavy steel plants for the industry of coal mining in Wyoming. Diamond Manufacturing at present has emerged as the largest and one of the leading metal perforators in North America, which exhibits a capacity of processing over 100 million pounds of steel every year. The company has 370 employees who are located across its six business units. The Wyoming facility of the company alone has 200 employees. 

Charles Flack, also known as “Rusty” by many (who died in 2011) together will Hal Flack, 56, who is a resident of Dallas took over the operations of Diamond Manufacturing at a very young age. Rusty was only 23 years old at that time, while Hal Flack was barely of 19. Since the duo took over the company, its production has increased in leaps and bounds, and today Diamond Manufacturing is one of the most prominent and celebrated names in the manufacturing industry of North America. 
The stake of the company was held by their family for four generations. Hal Flack however, retired when the realms of the company were acquired by the California-based Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co. in 2010. Rusty Flack remained the CEO of the company until his demise. 

Mr. Flack is known to have inspired his colleagues with words of encouragement. He always said that by constant endeavor to excellence the company will not only achieve growth and sustainability, rather it would emerge as the leading concern. He followed in the simple ideology that people offer business with a company only when they know that it is the best in the field. 

Mr. Flack had told that the company was started by his great-grandfather, John Newton Thomas of West Pittston in the year 1915. Initially when the facility had just begun its operations it had only a building, which was bought by John Newton Thomas of West Pittston. 
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