European Union to Impose Labeling Rules on the Alcohol Industry

Published By : 15 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The European Union has imposed certain labeling rules on alcohol manufacturers, wherein the latter will have to disclose the amount of calories present in the drinks. As a result, consumers will be able to understand the amount of calories that they will consumes with each beverage serving. This rule implemented by the European is facing vehement resistance from the industrial segment. 

Several alcohol manufacturers have gone against such as ruling. This step was taken in March 2015 by the European Parliament wherein the European Commission was summoned to design such legislation on labeling standards by the year 2016. Out of 68 members this has been adopted by 63 members who are a part of the health committee of the parliament. 

The resolution includes a rule that needs manufacturers to highlight the risks of alcohol consumption by motorists and pregnant women. This legislation was also initiated in the year 2011 however it did not work out at that point of time. At the present moment the implementation of this rule is quite strong and the concerned officials are making sure that consumers get the information that they seek. 

The framers of this legislation have expressed that consumers must understand that the amount of calories contained in one serving of wine is similar to the amount present in a cake slice. This as a result may prove to be harmful for pregnant women. Also, the experts have stated that such as step in no way means that consumers are being stopped from doing something or consuming something, it simply means that they have the right to make suitable informed choices. 
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