European Train Cos Revamp Train Interiors

Published By : 25 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Western train manufacturers have begun to fight back their Chinese railway rivals by making their trains more like long-haul planes. The trains are to be equipped with customized carriages and hi-tech seats with embedded tablets.

The European train passengers have long-since felt that the comfort factor in trains has been overlooked by a market that is handled by a cash-strapped government. It has fought to survive the lowering air fare and the options to travel by coaches or cars. All that might change soon, with optimistic innovations shown at the InnoTrans trade fair that was held in Berlin. Berlin has always been the world’s biggest location for train equipment distributors and manufacturers around the world. It has been a place where the companies show off their latest creations on a spread of acres of land that is as large as 28 football fields. 

Benoit Perrin, the marketing vice president at Alstrom Transport, said the company is looking beyond speed and into making the journey a pleasant experience. He said trains are set to be quieter, cooler, more personalized and better connected. The French Alstrom, that makes high-speed TGV, presented a stand at the trade fair where spectators could try the new seat prototypes for long-distance trains. The seats are embedded with headphones in the headrest and a table that turns into a multimedia tablet.

There have been quite a few incentives in the rail industry to make these innovations come into the mainstream at a faster pace than before. Public budgets as well as these incentives could mean a much faster method of implementing new designs into the railways.
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