European News Agencies Demand Copyright Payments from Internet Biggies

Published By : 14 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

On Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017, nine press agencies in Europe, including AFP, called on Internet biggies to be compelled to pay for the news content, with which they make huge profits, as it is a matter of copyright. Currently, the European Union (EU) is debating over a directive for making Google, Facebook, Twitter, and various other key social media giants pay for the billions of news content they use to link to on a daily basis.

In a plea published in Le Monde, a French daily, the agencies have stated that Facebook has gradually surfaced as the leading social media across the world. However, neither Google nor Facebook has a newsroom. “They are not sending their journalists to Syria risking their lives, they do not have a bureau set up in Zimbabwe to investigate the departure of Mugabe, and, moreover, they do not have a team of editors checking and verifying each and every information sent by ground reporters,” they added.

The agencies argued that access to free information is a myth, as at the end of the chain, it is them, who have to bear all the cost to gain authentic information. The agencies added that news is the second most important reason for people to go on Facebook, only after catching up on friends and family, which reported a three-fold rise in its profits last year. “By holding 60-70% of the overall advertising revenue, Internet giants are reaping huge profits from the work of other people,” they claimed.

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