EU and Pharmaceutical Industry Joins Hand to Fight Ebola

Published By : 19 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The European Union is all set to venture with the European pharmaceutical industry to finance research projects worth 215 million Euros to fight Ebola. The focus will primarily remain on developing vaccines and methods of diagnosis, as revealed in an announcement made on Friday. 

In an effort to boost research on treatment and vaccines to combat the fatal disease, which has destroyed West Africa, the European Commission has already invested 24.4 million Euros. The money European Union is set contribute will top this sum donated by the executive arm of the 28-nation. 

According to a statement released by the Commission, the 215 million Euros will help funding eight research ongoing assignments focused to develop vaccines and rapid diagnosis. The commission further added that they will donate 114 million towards the project, whereas the overall contribution from the pharmaceutical industry will amount to 101 million Euros. 

The European Commissioner for Research in Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas said that there are no vaccines or prescribed treatment for Ebola as of yet, hence there is an urgent need to direct efforts on Ebola research.

WHO, the World Health Organization, on Thursday expressed hope and confidence after fresh figures on Ebola crisis arrived from West Africa, the country worst hit by the epidemic. The figures revealed clear drop in the number of new cases registered of people infected by the deadly virus in the region. According to the figures Liberia reportedly had lowest number of new cases since early June 2014 whereas Sierra Leone and Guinea registered only a few new cases since August 2014. 
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