Ericsson Announces Plans to Integrate Digital Telecom Services

Published By : 20 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Ericsson announced its plans to integrate its Digital Telco Transformation with its OSS / BSS portfolio. The former unit is inclusive of consulting and systems integration services. CEO of Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, Claudio Contini stated that the user experience and their numbers will be the new sources of income. He further added that the company needs to understand and embrace the growing and changing needs of the customers. 

The digital telecom transformation services will enable operators to analyze their customers, and offer more responsive solutions. This way the company intends to improve user satisfaction and provide personalize solutions. The telecom service provide will be able to add and make profits by introducing digital information, finance updates, health services, and entertainment to customers with the new move.
Vice president and head of Consulting and Systems Integration at Ericsson, Paolo Colella stated that the operators are now feeling the pressure of changing with time and transforming themselves into digital telecoms. However, only a few telecom operators know the way to get there. An approach that will revamp the telecom operating models will allow service providers to avert disruptions to fulfill their vision.

Ericsson also stated that it intends to launch Router 6000 series to allow growth of M2M, LTE Advanced, and 5G. Router 6000 series has Router 6672 for an access. 
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