Enterprise Mobility Solutions Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Business Practices

Published By : 04 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

That information technology (IT) is the backbone of businesses is well established. With the advancement of telecommunication technology, IT has reached new heights. It is the development of super-fast networks that delivers high volume data in a fraction of seconds. With rising need for increased network speed for enterprise operations, newer solutions are sought. This is for competitive advantage and exchange of information in real-time for faster decision making. 

Business practices have evolved leaps and bound, thanks to consistent technological advancements that has bestowed solutions, services, and equipment to keep with. From high configuration supercomputers to sophisticated mobile devices, equipment has become sleeker and smarter. These devices that can transmit high-volume data in a fraction of seconds on high-speed networks. Telecommunication networks that run on fiber optic or cable systems to support this. 

Globalization has brought a paradigm shift in the way businesses are carried out. Large corporations that have teams across several geographies need reliable communication solutions for information exchange between peers and customers. This need not be from fixed work location, rather any other location such as home or airport. Senior business associates of large corporations need to travel frequently across geographies for meetings, relationship building, etc., wherein they need access to organizational information at their fingertips. Thus, mobile devices that can fetch organizational data irrespective of location work best for this. This is facilitated by enterprise mobility solutions for information on the go. 

The benefits of enterprise mobility are myriad. Firstly, it helps businesses that are dependent on keeping a complex maze of assets and activities for everyday business operations. For example, the supply chain in the retail industry is dependent on several entities. For e-commerce as well as for bricks and mortar businesses, client satisfaction is a priority, which if not kept can result in losing business.

Inventory tracking and shipping details are some of the advantages of enterprise mobility for logistics operations. However, it is the IT and telecommunication sector that contributes the highest revenue to the enterprise mobility market. According to a survey carried out by a leading market research firm based in the U.S., enterprise mobility will account for top IT investments in 2016.

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