Encryption of WhatsApp can Allow Governments to Access Metadata

Published By : 01 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Facebook's chief operating officer (CEO), Sheryl Sandberg, has said that governments cannot receive information on the communication between terrorists if encryption on WhatsApp is removed.  The encryption is a way of protecting the information, however this has created uproar and politicians are accusing WhatsApp as a safe haven for terrorists to hide and communicate. Thus, Sandberg on Sunday, in a radio show said that the metadata provided by WhatsApp can give information on the activities of terrorists and inform governments about the same. As WhatsApp is encrypted knowing the contents of the message is not possible but the metadata ensures that the company will know who contacted who. She said that if people move from these encrypted services to other services in countries which will not share the metadata, the government will not have much information to uncover

Sheryl said she obviously wants to do all she can on her part to stop terrorism and thus, the policies of Facebook is also clear, and there is no support for hate, calls of violence, and terrorism. Facebook aims not to remove such content by using artificial intelligence but to prevent it from getting uploaded successfully. The company is this working with other tech companies so that they have a means to fingerprint it for all others if a terrorist uploads a video on any of their platform, so that these terrorists cannot move from one platform to another. 

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