Emerging IT Solutions Will Offer More Efficient Health Management Services in China

Published By : 21 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Sustainable advances in healthcare reforms and emergence of latest IT technologies are the two key drivers of IT development in the healthcare industry. Advent of IT technologies such as cloud computing, mobile internet, and big data has spurred the demand for improved and more efficient healthcare application systems, which subsequently requires integration with traditional systems such as EMR (electronic medical records) and HIS (health information systems). Meanwhile, the demand for upgrading IT systems across the healthcare industry is creating furor around the world. Leading industry experts have expressed concerns that until the incumbent technological bottlenecks are resolved, it will be a herculean task for the IT experts to integrate newer system in the processes. 

The senior research manager of IDC, the healthcare research institute in China, Leon Xiao said the upgrading the healthcare IT in China and integrating it with the traditional systems have emerged as a critical issue requiring the attention of health institutions as soon as possible. Once integrated, these systems will eventually become core assets for the hospitals in China, bridging the gap between patients and their families with doctors, healthcare institutions, and other community clinics. 

IDC has recently published a report titled “China Healthcare IT Solution 2015-2019 Forecast and Analysis” that presents a holistic overview of the healthcare IT solutions available in China. The report stated that the healthcare IT solutions in China had a net worth of US$787 million in 2014, registering an increase of impressive 24% than its net worth in 2013. The traditional IT solutions still prevalent in the China healthcare industry comprising EMR, HIS, LIS, and PACS exhibit a poor integration with each other, thereby complicating system maintenance unreasonably.  However, the adoption of emerging technologies and their integration in the healthcare IT systems of China will help the industry take better decisions and ensure more efficient health management services. 
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