EDS Footwear Hiring Multilingual Staffs

Published By : 16 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Chinese giant in footwear industry, EDS Footwear assured about the hiring of various multilingual Chinese and Western managers, product engineers, fashion designers, and quality control auditors. EDS Footwear declared that they will only hire multilingual staffs in major roles as they have realized that when it comes to developing fashion in footwear industry, comprehensible communication and fair trade is vital. 

Finding a decent fashion footwear provider in China is very tricky and it takes long to research, testing, and trials. It is also a fact that there are very few producers in China is capable of carrying both, product development and manufacturing footwear.

The Vice Precedent of Sales at the EDS Footwear in the USA branch, Mr. Hernan Ordonez states that some footwear brands and smart retailers know that the usage of Chinese communicators to converse with providers in China leads to a detrimental communication as very often the communicators translates what was said by the client or what the producer said.

In the process of outsourcing in China one should only deal with that enterprise, which has a combined team of Chinese and western bilingual managers in place so that there is no hidden agenda in the negotiation, said Mr. Ordonez

At EDS Footwear, there are several product development teams in various locations such as Guangzhou, Huadu, and Huijie working in synchronization with the technical engineers at the manufacturing units and unbiased quality control auditors, who have no involvement with the production plants.
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