Ecofriendly Trend in Europe: Electric Scooters Launched in Paris

Published By : 22 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

More than any other region, European countries have come together and pledged to take measures that support the environment in times when air pollution and global warming has turned into a real concern. The concept of electric cars is being furiously harnessed and the automotive industry is expected to main its contribution towards preserving the environment but, more feasible concept is electric scooters, which are quicker to charge and easy to park.

In the recent past, California based scooter Company Lime has taken the country by storm with its Line-S scooters, which are specifically designed to aid riders in a safe and effortless mode of transportation. And now, the company has expanded its horizons into the streets of Paris, which already has a wide range of transportation methods and is expected to adopt electric scooters too. The pilot scheme of the company was launched on Thursday in a number of districts in the capital of France and roll out will soon start.

The American startup is already operating its bike-sharing schemes in Frankfurt and Berlin, and has major plans to grow their business against competitor such as Bird with this launch. That being said, there are substantial obstacles faced by the e-scooters such as shortage of bikes and need for a change in contractors. Moreover, a number of electric car-sharing systems have failed to flourish in the country. However, this could well be an opportune moment for Lime too. It must be noted that Chinese bike-sharing companies such as Ofo and GoBee have already thrown their hats in the ecofriendly European country.

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