E-cigarettes Can No Longer be Marketed as Smoking Cessation Products in the U.S: FDA Mandates

Published By : 24 May 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

There was time when e-cigarettes, or the electronic devices that involve metal tubes that heat flavored liquids, which may or may not be laced with nicotine, deliver vapors when inhaled, were considered and even marketed as a way of nicotine de-addiction and smoking cessation products.

As a variety of these products started hitting the global market, manufacturers started using some positive research results accrediting the benefits of these devices to promote their products as better substitutes to conventional cigarettes. The aggressive marketing strategies helped the market significantly in witnessing vast growth, especially in developed regions such as North America and Europe, in the past few decades.

But the views of the healthcare community were always deeply divided about the actual effect of the devices; some supported the devices as a safer alternative to tobacco smoke or to addicted people who are unable to quit. Some healthcare experts, on the other hand, remained concerned about the fact that very little has been known about the potential risks of the devices. This group was, and still is, worried about the rising use of these cigarettes among teenagers and is alarmed at the possibility of an entire generation getting addicted to nicotine.

The scenario is rapidly changing for e-cigarettes and governments and healthcare bodies are establishing rules and regulations pertaining to the marketing and sales of e-cigarettes. Strict rules about sale and marketing of e-cigarettes have already been implemented in Europe, where only the products duly complaint with the recent the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) will be allowed to be released for sale in the market from May 2017. Several strict mandates regarding product packaging and dosage of nicotine in the products will also very soon apply to all e-cigarettes in the European market.

The U.S., which is another major regional market for e-cigarettes, has also started constricting the liberty of the e-cigarettes market to a certain extent. The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration has recently issued its first rules that regulate e-cigarettes in the country. According to the regulations, e-cigarettes have been banned for sales and advertising to minors. The regulations have also called out to manufacturers to submit their products for approval. The products can also be no longer marketed as smoking cessation products in the country.

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