Easy Operability Drives Growth in Global Direct Drive Wind Turbines Market

Published By : 28 Dec 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The massive emphasis on clean sources of energy to tackle global greenhouse gas emission, has majorly contributed the production of wind energy. Technologies leveraged to do so have also become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Two such prominent technologies are the traditional gearbox-operated wind turbines and relatively newer direct drive (gearless) wind turbines. Of the two, the global market for the latter is highly competitive on account of the presence of a host of manufacturers. Some such key players in the market are Siemens AG, General Electric, ALSTOM, Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., ENERCON, Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group, and Quantum Wind Power.

What are the Unique Perceived Benefits of Direct Drive Wind Turbines?

The primary advantage of direct drive wind turbines are their uncomplicated design which makes it easy to operate and maintain them. The gearbox technology, on the other hand, is complex. This unique perceived benefit of the direct drive wind turbines has made them sought after for offshore wind developments. At present, efforts are on by manufacturers to further enhance the efficiency of direct drive wind turbines by improving upon the technologies to make them more competitive in the market.

Other advantages of the direct drive wind turbines are their durability and reduced noise production. This alongside regulations in their favor, have driven their demand. In the near future too, the global market for direct drive wind turbine is expected to witness steady growth because of the growing focus on operational efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

One factor dampening demand in the market is the hefty price tag of direct drive wind turbines.

Policies Favoring Wind Energy Bolsters Europe Market

Geographically, Europe dominates the global direct drive wind turbines market and is predicted to maintain its dominant share in the upcoming years too. The growth in its market has been mainly driven by stringent regulations for investing in wind energy, particularly in the countries of Germany, Spain, the U.K., France, and Ireland. Asia Pacific is another promising market witnessing solid growth on the back of demand for gearless wind turbines from emerging economies in the region.

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