Ease of Use Boosts Demand for Adhesive Films

Published By : 09 Aug 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Adhesive films are thin sheets of adhesives on films of polymer, paper, or fabric with a surface. Adhesive films are used across industries such as medical, packaging, electronics, automotive, construction, footwear, and furniture. Other uses of adhesive films include specialty coatings, protective films, and conductive films. An increasing preference for adhesive films and tapes by medical practitioners is driving the demand for adhesive films market. The rise in the preference for these films and tapes is owing to their ease of use and the ability to be disposed of easily. A demand for quick and easy, and efficient and effective solutions for wound care owing to a rise in the number of accidents and injuries is also fueling the demand for these films.

Need for Light-weight Automotives Propels Demand for Adhesive Films

The automotive industry is one of the key revenue generators for the global adhesive films market. While screws and clamps increase the weight of vehicles, adhesive films reduce the weight considerably. Since light-weight vehicles have lower carbon emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency, the demand for light-weight vehicles is on the rise and with it, the global adhesive films market is expected to witness a rise. 

Additionally, the use of adhesive tapes is increasing in the packaging industry as they are safe and offer secure packaging. This is also expected to aid the growth of the market in the coming years.

Asia Pacific to Lead in the Adhesive Films Market 

The demand for adhesive films is high in Asia Pacific owing to the advancements in technology and a growth in the process enhancing systems. Adhesives are required across sectors such as electronics, automotive, medical, and construction. The developing economies of China, India, and South Korea will help the market to grow in the Asia Pacific region. The construction, electronics, and automotive industries have witnessed significant growth in the region, which will help drive the demand for adhesive films.

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