Earphones In, Volume Up, Leading to Heart Diseases in Long Run

Published By : 10 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The United Nations specialized agency, World Health Organization (WHO) has recently requested the government of various nations to start keeping check on their noise levels as this can be one of the reasons for the incidence of diabetes and heart diseases. This global body has laid down a list of guidelines that can contribute to cause harm to the health, and one among them is the noise from leisure activities. According to them, listening to music with the help of earbuds is equally harmful to one’s health as to listen to loud noise in a party.

WHO stated that the rising level of noise coming from road traffic can result in sleep deprivation and stress. This further leads to a high level of risk to acquire type 2 diabetes as cited in its report. The music from sound systems at rock concerts and health and fitness classes is equally harmful as the cacophony of trains, automobiles, and planes. Quite surprisingly the sound from specific toys can also cause an auditory threat.

High Volume Music for Leisure Time leading to Slow Deafness

People living in high- and middle-income countries with age groups 12 to 35 years are prone to unsafe levels of sound in devices such as MP3 Players and smartphones. WHO estimated almost around 1.1 billion young people around the world to be at risk of hearing impairment from leisure noise sources like music systems.

Hearing loss develops at a slow rate from years of exposure to different noise sources. It is, however, difficult to suddenly quit the idea of using headphones for minimizing the effect of hearing disrupting factors. It seems that overexposure to any kind of loud music or noise result in increasing the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases and also increase blood pressure levels. WHO recommends that the noise level derived from leisure activities must not exceed 70 decibels over a period of 24 hours every year. As it is said, it is not possible to go back and start afresh, but it is always possible to start today and make a better ending.

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