Dow Chemical Announces Sustainability Goals

Published By : 22 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Dow Chemical announced a set of seven sustainability goals through which the company aims to bring positive changes in the lives of 1 billion people and achieve cost savings worth US$1 billion. According to Neil Hawkins, the company’s corporate vice president and chief sustainability officer, the chemical giant wants to focus on finding innovative ways of doing business to assist companies in playing a positive role in the society. For the third time the organization has announced sustainability goals to be delivered over a span of ten years. It had tried reducing its carbon footprint in 1995 with a set of goals. After a decade, it addressed environmental and social challenges and joined Hindustan Unilever to create good quality, affordable soap to increase awareness about personal hygiene in India.

Industry experts are applauding the chemical manufacturer’s plans to take the sustainability path. However, environmental activists are skeptical about how Dow is going to implement its goals. Though Hawkins mentioned that goals such as reusing the plastic wastes will bring subsequent changes in the lives of the people, he failed to specify new projects. In 2014, the chemical manufacturer had started ‘Energy Bag Pilot Program’ to convert previously non-cycled plastics into energy. It hopes to replicate such kind of innovation this time. Environmental activists also point that such activities would paint a positive image about the company.


Recently it was announced that the chemical producer will cut down its global workforce by 3% as it is closing down its chlorine business. The company has admitted to its role in contaminating the water near its headquarters in Michigan with highly toxic chemicals. Activists have mentioned that even though the company plans such sustainability goals, it has a big role in polluting the environment.

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